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Results, integrity, and creativity are the three attributes important to Belitae founder Elizabeth Williams. As a professional artist turned skincare guru, Elizabeth was raised in beautiful coastal Connecticut, and came from a holistic household that relied on nothing but natural remedies for healing: lavender treated their burns, eucalyptus rubs got rid of congestion, and tea tree, lemon, and orange were familiar scents to her from a young age. Working along side her grandfather and mother growing various plants in their family owned nursery business they thoughtfully instilled the essence that nature provides us with all the beauty tools we need to have healthy skin.  

Traveling the world as an adult and visiting some of the most beautiful spas in the world, it was during that time she began to grow a fondness for the spa atmosphere; but in reality she learned it was the sense of peace, calmness, and relaxation she remembered as a child while spending time in the garden that was calling her. Wanting to re-establish this feeling of being connected to nature she knew so well and bring the sense of peace into every day life she began learning about skincare, soaking up any and all information on natural ingredients, formulations, and application of skin care products that are good for your skin. She knew that she wanted a skincare line that represents the power of inner beauty inspired by nature. With this vision in mind, she gathered a specialty team of botanists and naturally-minded chemists to create something special while always remembering the garden and how we grow beautiful things with both our hands and our hearts.

Belitae Organics grew from a seed planted by her grandfather many years ago, it is today that she honors her heritage with a new generation of garden variety skin care products that are born from the heart and tended to with loving hands. 


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